Make Luna upgradeable to the next OS version

Registered by Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

Upgrading Jupiter resulted in such a terrible mess that...

We need Luna to upgrade cleanly.

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elementary OS team
Ivo Nunes
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Accepted for 0.2-luna
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Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
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Ivo Nunes



"Ensure that our PPA is re-added during upgrade" is postponed because release channels won't be properly tested in time for Luna and update manager allows arbitrary scripts to be run on the system during upgrade, so we'll probably have to re-add the PPAs in such script.

Software Center and Update Manager patches currently fail to build in PPA for some mysterious reason.

Maybe using a proper repo instead of a ppa will be better, though it'll require a server to be set up. --grvrulz
I doubt it would help us in any way. --shnatsel
I think ppas are removed while upgrading and have to be re-added. -grvrulz
All repositories are removed removed while upgrading and have to be re-added, except the ubuntu ones which are upgraded. We need to figure out how do they do it and pretend we're an ubuntu repository. --shnatsel
In bug #742038 I added a template for software-center, in that I added elementary-desktop to the important meta packages, maybe that helps the upgrade progress. --gotwig

Here's how JoliCloud does that:
And Ubuntu seems to have some or all of the dist-upgrade stuff in lp:update-manager
It turned out there's some in Software Center too, see bug 965879 --shnatsel

So are you just making a way to cleanly upgrade from Jupiter? --mwrpg
No, we're preparing Luna to Luna+1 upgrade. Jupiter is not upgradeable. --shnatsel
Oh, ok. But will there be a way to upgrade from Jupiter to Luna? I'm sure you could just make
a program, and put it on the PPA. --mwrpg
No, we could not. Even if we found a way to do that, it won't work properly anyway. We have to apply a tredemnous amount of tweaks to repositories of Ubuntu itself for that, and we simply don't have the manpower to do that. --shnatsel
Ah. --mwrpg


Work Items

Work items:
Block notifications about distribution upgrades until we explicitly allow them: DONE
Ensure that our PPA is re-added during upgrade: POSTPONED
Ensure that our metapackages are marked important so they don't get swapped during upgrade: INPROGRESS
Ensure that there are no Ubuntu metapackages left in the ISO: TODO

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