Automatic driver detection during installation

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For most newbie Linux users I've dealt with, the thing that mostly draws them away is the installation of proprietary drivers after install (most of them haven't felt what it feels like to install Windows) and bad reccomendations by jockey-gtk (eg. fglrx replaces radeon, leaves them w/ a broken desktop).
Possibly patch ubiquity and jockey-gtk to automatically install device drivers during installation (eg. nvidia, some realtek drivers, wireless, etc...), and blacklist drivers known to cause bugs and break the desktop (fglrx is infamous for that).
That way, newbies won't be discouraged from Linux and others will not break their desktop because of bad jockey-gtk reccomendations.

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JoliCloud installs proprietary drivers during boot:
Might be a good idea for NVidia driver because it's generally in a better shape than reverse-engineered Nouveau.

I'm all for blacklisting fglrx because it severely breaks all Mutter-based WMs, including Gala. ~shnatsel

After all the trouble we had with Nouveau, I'm all for installing nvidia driver on boot. Approving basic direction, but let's see what Ubuntu come up with for 12.10 ~shnatsel

The Nvidia-nonfree drivers on boot is critical, as many prospective GNU/Linux users have Fermi-based GPUs, and as with my 550ti and other Fermi cards, we have to switch to VESA driver to boot ubuntu-based distros.

This blueprint is not purely informational; unmarking it as so.
Untargeting from luna-beta1 too because we can't hold back the beta because of it; in fact, it's more of a Luna+1 item.

Don't forget an option for this! It's not fsf software, which a fair amount of Linux users will look for (though enable it by default, as most people just don't care). -- Jacob

Why not include all important propietary software together? Drivers, MP3, Flash, etc. Give the user the option to use use them or not, both at installation and in a switchboard plug. Installing Flash through a script or having Gstreamer ask about connectors isn't user-friendly.
~ dnicolas

I recently ran a LiveCD of Manjaro Linux xfce edition. During the boot phase, you're given 2 selections : default (with open-source drivers and etc.) and nonfree ( conplete with all proprietary drivers needed) . Manjaro detects the hardware by using Manjaro HardWare Detection ( MHWD) : . Just like dnicolas suggested, would it be possible for users to test elementary using this concept (selecting open source or proprietary components ) and let the users decide which one they would like to pick.
~ mikhail-abbas


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