Rewrite Rule Manager for nginx in EHCP Web Hosting Control Panel

Registered by Raghu Veer Dendukuri

This is a long requested feature (by me) useful to users at large, really, and I wish we implement, atleast the basic feature of it.

Even though, offering .htaccess rule converter (Apache rewrite Rules conversion to Nginx Rewrite Rules) is a bit tedious task despite the scope of the requirement (even though the huge advantage is mass migration of apache based .htaccess rewrite rules comfortably to nginx rewrite rules) which enables many users migrate from apache based servers to nginx based linux servers and especially to EHCP (as not many have successful results in automated approach as being planned in this situation).

Since, implementing complete .htaccess conversion is too tedious, I wish to have a basic implementation of rewrite rule manager for nginx in web based interface of EHCP, which saves time to every one and easies the task.

This feature to create nginx rewrite rules has to be offered in simple mode and advanced mode (both in web based interface of EHCP in webmaster control panel) accessible to both users and also higher access levels like reseller and root admin access levels as well, thank you

This saves root admin from opening nginx.conf file and required in ssh as and when new rewrite rule has to be added for a particular website hosted on the server.

Note: when we have this feature in EHCP, it is another compelling or really interesting point, which partially bridges the gap when migrating from apache to nginx as default http server.

Note: Different PHP based Software Developers can be notified, so, we will have privilege to request them nginx rewrite rules for their script, which helps most of the script users migrate to nginx based hosting (hopefully back ed by EHCP or any other control panel that may offer rewrite manager of this sort or better kind of in future)

Note: All this until, majority of PHP based script developers convert their seo rule creation method from key-value get method to "server_uri" gateway method.

once, php scripts totally change to $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] method for seo urls, since, seo rule creation becomes more easier as seo rules are made in php application level in that time than in web server level, it will easy life of both server admins (support requests related to requirement of seo url creation help even from web based interface reduces), while seo rules are governed in php application level.

Note: As you all know, in the case of $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"] method requires single rewrite rule, which can be set as a feature that can be enabled/disabled in webmaster control panel access level of EHCP (accessible to particular control panel user account, reseller, and root EHCP admin of that EHCP installation kind of)...

just some thoughts, thank you

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