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Per my discussion with Mr. Vidinli I have realized that the EHCP API is very basic, almost too basic to integrate with today's complex billing softwares such as WHMCS, Clientexec, or even most simple opensource softwares. Apparently, the API can only be used to Add/Delete domains, when most billing softwares have about thirty other features. Although I don't request thirty large chunks of code be added to the EHCP API there are a few functions that I would recommend adding so that some sort of plugin for an existing billing system could be written for the EHCP control panel. The functions I am requesting be added are as follows:
Ability for the API to Suspend Accounts.
Ability for the API to make password changes if needed.
Ability for the API to Upgrade/Downgrade Accounts (Change The Quota As Specified By the Applicable Billing Plugin)
In general, I'd like EHCP to have templates. These templates are pre determined plans which a billing software could use to create accounts without the extra code. Rather than specifying all the quotas, why not just specify a pre-made "template" of all the quotas to the API and create accounts that way? I do know that this would involve adding a major feature to EHCP, but I believe that It'd be well worth it.
So to Sum things Up I'm requesting:
Adding API Functions Suspend, Change Password, Upgrade/Downgrade
"Template" capability for EHCP.
In my opinion, thse new features would be a positive asset to EHCP as it would allow for a basic Billing software to interface with it, which, again in my opinion, would be a great plus and asset to EHCP. All I ask is you review the rquest and send me some feedback, about how long It would take if you started 30 days from now, and how complicated my request is. Anyways, thank you for reading this email and thank you for developing EHCP!

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If we want to add a billing system Ive been using a open source billing programing for my computer repair business its called billerx which creates invoices, manages parts, clients, suppliers and so on, its a nice little program for billing so maybe we can integrate that with ehcp somehow or even create a whole new billing module for ehcp. i know a little about php but not a lot but would that be a possible option for a billing module?


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