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The adoption of web hosting control panel increases (especially by Web Hosting Companies) with the help of it's feature and which can be enhanced when it is integrated with more and more web hosting billing software.


WHMCS: http://www.whmcs.com/

AWBS: http://www.awbs.com/

uberSmith: http://www.ubersmith.com/


Note: ingeneral, most of the web hosting billing software offer integration already with many Domain Registrars.

if we manage to offer integration of EHCP with as many Web Hosting Billing Software as possible, we can then see the rapid deployment of EHCP in the process, as in that case, many web hosting companies can initially offer EHCP to their customers on one more servers and later, as they find the advantage (based on chosen setup type be it single server mode or load balanced cluster type), they may naturally change over to EHCP as default control panel for their hosting customers kind of...

Note: this feature is discussed long back, and even some EHCP user contacted some web hosting billing software company as well.

I remember the response is API of EHCP is required to accomplish the job.

May be some funding to be arrange if we ask that web hosting billing software company to make the integration. (will not be big, but can be arranged comfortably, I hope).

thank you

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Concepts that should be separated:
1. server softwares (apache, bind, mysql, etc)
2. web hosting control panel (ehcp, etc..)
3. client/billing management software (whmcs and similar..)
4. domain registration ...
5. payment gateways..

maybe item 4 can be integrated into ehcp,
however item 3 has many different possibilities, so, it is currently quite hard to include it inside ehcp.
currently, I have works for integrating ehcp with whmcs,
whmcs has many modules, including billing, payment gateways, domain registartion etc..
so, if we can do this, the purpose would be achieved to some extend..

as a result, item 2 (ehcp) can manage 1,4,5, but it is hard to include 3...

Note from Raghu:

you had bifurcated things correctly (one thing you forgot is mentioning nginx in point 1). wish you add that, Cheers


let's concentrate on improving API as effective as possible. The better API is, the quicker and effectively we can integrate different billing software. Even if we pay some money (I hope need not think after nginx is enabled in full power, as in that situation, there will be natural turbulence in them to take advantage of promoting themselves as billing software that support web hosting control panel (which supports nginx perfectly)), I strongly feel, the following three give a better shape

a) nginx
b) EHCP API improvements
c) billing software integration (as many billing software as possible).

Like you correctly mentioned, since, domain registrars, payment gateways are integrated well (in huge numbers) in billing software, things will become simple and path will be clear for EHCP in that time (when they combine with their choicest billing software), as I donot find reason for people not to adopt EHCP to manage their servers.

thank you


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