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Registered by Robert Ladyman on 2019-06-11 asks about being able to select the target repository for CREATE and GET options.
(1) We could just display the values from bzrdefaults (repo, port, path) but for non-technical users, this might be confusing. The alternative would be a separate configuration function, but that makes things a bit more complicated. Perhaps we could have a check-box or somesuch.
(2) Another idea could be a set of sections in the bzrdefault file (that is, more than one group of (repo, port, path) from which the target is selected.

To get the values as a dialogue, we'd need to use YAD instead of ZENITY (that's not a difficulty), however, this does allow the user to completely muck up the entries (repo, port, path): maybe we just let them. (2) would prevent this, plus the administrator could perhaps give a nick-name for a repo.

** Remember: the focus is for non-technical users ** If we have an installer, we might have separate configuration function.

This is likely to be too complicated for a bash script (that is, a sectioned ini file) - we can use (perhaps) zenipy with python to manipulate the file: possibly with the alternatives in another file (so, in effect, we choose a 'new default' and overwrite the old bzrdefault file).

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Robert Ladyman
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Possibly add launchpad (lp) as an option by default (although GET would take a while...)
Decided on a 'select-from-list' approach (with repo nicknames)
Probably will retain the current bzrdefaults file but have a companion file (perhaps bzrotherrepos) from which a repo can be selected and written to the bzrdefaults file. That way, we don't have to adjust any of the other scripts. One issue is that, say, the user just has a bzrdefaults file and then decides to use the selector (or more correcly, we shouldn't force needing to use the selector).


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Work items:
Check whether we need YAD - no, we do not: DONE
Determine if chooser should be in right-click menu or just installed: TODO
Implement: TODO

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