Complete rewrite of the client library to remove dependencies and add new features

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Some key features:

1 - Support for non-blocking I/O. This would not just be for an entire connection, but be able to toggle this at different times throughout the connection (the socket code will always use non-blocking I/O, so it would be a simple flag for library behavior).

2 - Finer granularity of what to cache in large response (and when to do it). Be able to stream at the column or partial-column level (for large text/blob). For example, if you are pulling down a large BLOB, you could read it in smaller chunks to process or pass through in applications.

3 - Improved buffer management over existing library. This means being able to use the original read buffer and pass this back to the application for processing, reducing excessive mallocs and memcpy's. There will of course be a cached interface that does malloc/memcpy like the existing library does too.

4 - BSD license.

5 - Support for multiple protocols, including the existing MySQL versions. A new drizzle protocol is being developed to add features. At some later point we may look at other protocol wrappers, such as HTTP.

6 - Support for a callback interface.

7 - Support for libevent integration, as well as other non-blocking event libraries.

8 - Possibly create a wrapper library for the the existing libmysqlclient interface for easier integration, but we may just push for using the new interface (so clients can make full use of new features).

9 - Convert existing client applications to use new library.

10 - Develop new interfaces for other languages such as PHP and Perl. These will be broken out into other projects.

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This is now mostly complete at lp:libdrizzle


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