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We select a few focus areas for the 7.1 release where we want to ensure that the documentation is correct, complete and just really good. (Then we commit to keep it that way going forward, and add more focus areas later.)

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This is more or less complete: IPv6 text is going through final edits (and is blocked by my packaging efforts). How can I change the status of this, I can't edit it?

This is the list of focus areas and who has committed to working on each of them. (If you want to be pedantic about Launchpad use, you can create a sub-blueprint assigned to yourself and make it depend on this one, but it's sufficient to just track status on this whiteboard for all of them.)

Status as of Oct 30:
 * Anything from Daniel: Committed to trunk. Reviewed by Henrik, fixes committed and merge request sent.
 * PAM: also pushed to trunk. Includes small fixes by Daniel.
 * IPv6: Umair and Henrik have 1st draft of IPv6 whitepaper. Content from there will be used to refresh IPv6 manual entry.
 * LDAP: See related branch. Will be submitted for merge soon.

Installing and running it

 * Downloading and Installing - FREE
 * Configuration - Daniel
 * Administration - Daniel
    including auth_schema

Features to highlight (we can also do whitepapers etc on these)

 * IPv6 support - Henrik, Umair
 * PAM and LDAP authentication (auth_pam, auth_ldap) - Henrik

 * Replication (including multi-source) - Daniel (in progress)
 * Replication to Rabbitmq - FREE

Foundations / Community

 * Contributing guidelines - Daniel

If you want to write good docs on some topic not listed here, please just add it together with your name and go for it!


Work Items

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