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It would be wonderful if the right click menu would be just like the windows list menu and the windows menu to be able to use the x c ... and other shortcut buttons. and for the groups there should be the other additional menu entries .

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Matias: I've implemented the shortcuts for (un)minimize/(un)maximize/(un)lock/close in window list menu and for (Un)Minimize all//(Un)Maximize all/Close All/Launch application. Was there anymore you suggested? Your blueprint was a bit hard to understand at the end.

I created a simple drawing . but i can`t upload here

And btw did you take a look at my other blueprint?

And about the shortcuts they don`t work for me. i`m using dockbarx 0.23.2

Matias: I missed your answer here. I changed status to implemented here since the first part of your request is implemented in x.0.24.0, but please do still upload your drawing. Can't you put it on the web and make the specification link point to it like in your other blueprint (which I will comment on ASAP)?

So i have uploaded a drawing :)
How do you like this?
I know the one on the right is not the best solution but i realy like the solution for the windows ... it makes a more unified look in my opinion
What does lock do?
The option on the right (for groups) i think it would make more sense with the other blueprin to wich i need to change something :) :
      -The dockbar tab should show the selected window title and icon and then i think this blueprint will make more sense

Matias: I changed the state of this blueprint again since I think those extra functions you listed in windows list very well could be implemented in dockbarx. When it comes to the group button I'm still not sure I agree with those things that are connected to that other blueprint. What I could (and probably will) do is change the menu if only one window is open in the group. Then right clicking the group button should give all the options that right clicking the window button gives, pretty much like your menu. If more than one window is open in a group I think it's better to only list group specific options, pretty much what is listed right now.


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