Fade and/or time delay for DockbarX opacify effect

Registered by Alex K

Opacify should have a 100-150ms fade effect, or time delay, if a fade effect cannot be achieved.

Currently, opacify feels rather hackish. A fade effect would make it feel much smoother, as well as making which windows are disappearing and which windows are coming to the front more clear.

Since the 0.23.1 update, with the group-button opacify, this is even more needed. While the mouse is moving from the group-button to the window-button, or between group buttons if there is a space, there is a quick flicker that is rather jarring.

When using Compiz's Static Window Switcher plugin, if the inactive windows are set to a low opacity, when tabbing through them they smoothly fade in and out. This gives a good idea of what I have in mind.

(To try this for yourself, use CCSM to activate the Static Application Switcher plugin, then open it and go the the appearance tab. Set Brightness and Saturation to 100, and opacity to 10. Then try tabbing through the windows.)

Would it be possible to utilize part of Compiz's Opacity plugin to accomplish this?

If not, is there some other plugin that can be tapped to provide this?

If neither of the above solutions work well, would it be possible to code the fade into DockbarX?

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Matias: Sorry, I didn't see this request earlier. I keep forgetting that I don't get mail when new blueprints are posted.

Firstly... Opacify is a hack and nothing more. It uses a plugin in a way the creator never intended it to work. ;)

Seriously though... I don't think there are any other plugins I could utilize. And I'm not sure if I could program a fade manually either, since that would require a lot more dbus calls to compiz and compiz tend to chrash if you make too many of them to quick. :(

For the moment, opacify uses a delay of 100 ms and group opacify uses the popup delay. Should I increase any of those?

Alex: Sorry, I'm still using an older revision. Haven't had a chance to upgrade >.<
Matias: I think I've used those numbers for quite a while. Probably since x.0.23.1.

Alex: Sounds like the only way would be to write a new Compiz plugin. Which would be a bit overkill.
Though Opacify/Aero Peek is a cool enough feature to deserve a new plugin.

Matias: I think they talked about adding something like aero peek to preview plugin. That was quite a while ago, though. Perhaps it was dropped.

Alex: Found it!
I compiled the Peek plugin (needed compiz-dev), and it worked pretty well. Unfortunately it only works with GNOME's default window list, not Dockbar/X

Do you think you could you utilize this plugin (like the Opacity plugin) if it is available to enhance Opacify?

arzali: I compiled the latest Peek plugin and it works with dockbarx but it works only on group button and only with the first window if more windows are open. Its really nice, if it would be fully implemented to dbx it would be perfect


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