Think of new opportunities that Do create (handling complex tasks without the need for user guidance)

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(i'm not sure if it really is a blueprint)

from gnome_do_project_update.pdf : "Suppose one were to search with the query “por” for the item “Family Portrait.jpg,” and execute the command “Rotate 90° Counterclockwise” on that item"

from :
"The user has taken a photo and wants to get rid of the red-eye effect.
Currently, the typical workflow is quite tedious: do a web search, find a human-written tutorial on how to accomplish the task with a certain program, install that program, open the file in that program, follow the steps in the tutorial, and finally save the file.
With a better user interface, the user just types “red-eye removal” or simply “red-eye” and gets her picture fixed"

I think these two examples show how powerful GNOME Do can be if it can rely on bright/smart applications (=applications designed to perform a complex task by itself, without the need for the user to say how that task have to be done)

These are kill-app for Do

Maybe we should take the time to think about other complex tasks that could be done within GNOME Do and see how applications can evolve to reach that goal. Basic IA may be the key.

Actually there is no need for current applications to evolve since it is easier to rely on the user to perform a complex task step by step, but GNOME Do creates new needs that show how current applications could be improved to become smarter : sometimes applications helps user to perform a task whereas the application could perform the task by itself.

See for an exemple : One click automatic red-eyes removal in F-Spot with face recognition

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Maybe actions could support a list of subactions, that can change depending on the action's state.
1. enter image location
2. type 'edit' to open edit image action
3. a dropdown of available subactions appears: finish, rotate 90 CC/CCW, greyscale.
4. Selecting 'finish' results in the final image, which can be saved, emailed, etc. Finish can be at the top of the list so hitting enter twice on a previous action selects it.

1. Enter text
2. type 'edit' to open the edit text action.
3. options: finish, awk, sed, encrypt, decrypt, tidy, encode
4. many options change the state of the plugin, and different subactions are revealed.
       eg: awk/sed: accept a command
             encrypt/decrypt: accepts a key
             encode: accepts an encoding method (base64,htmlescape,rot13)
     'finish' does not appear on this list, but cancel may.


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