Handle the clipboard easy: only with one key combination

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There are several clipboardmanager für linux today: glipper, parcellite, clipit, diodon, ...
The features are very similar. But unfortunately there is no clipboardmanager with really easy handling like ClipboardRecorder for Windows.

What I am talking about:

It should be possible to activate the clipboard history with a keycombination lets take Cntrl-Alt-v for now. (This is working with all managers). But then it would be very nice if you could toggle through the history by pressing "v" again (without releasing the Cntrl- and Alt-key). An other possibility should be the use of the Up- and Down-key (without realising the Cntrl- and Alt-key). So it is possible to select the historyitem I want and then I realease the Cntrl- and Alt-key and the selected item will be pasted.

I think this method should be possible at least as an option. If I would be a more advanced programmer I would try to code it by myself. This way is much easier and faster than the way with mouse selection.

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Thanks a lot for your ideas. I have been thinking about a "instant paste" feature for quite a while. However their is an issue: How can a user differ between copying to clipboard and instantly pasting?
One of your suggestion could actually be just a difference. e.g. hitting Enter copies the text to the clipboard, however when a item is selected when releasing Ctrl+Alt it will be instantly pasted.

This brings along another issue about the feature, that a user can change the Hotkey. What will e.g. happen when a user has a function key as hotkey? Or are there other hotkeys which will be diffictult to handle?
An option would be, of course, to remove the possibility to change the hotkey altogether. Do not now if this is really desired.

Sorry I didn't found the answer option. Is there one? Or is it correct to use the Whiteboard?

What is the sense of the copy to clipboard feature? I never understood this. I can't do anything with the clipboard besides pasting? Or am I wrong, didn't see a good feature? The remove of the change of the hotkey is surely a problem. I would like to suggest to use a hotkey for instant pasting. A flexible one. But I think the possibilities should be limited to something like: One Key out of (CNTRL, ALT, META (WINDOWS KEY)) and one key out of ((CNTRL, ALT, META, SHIFT, nothing) but not equal to the first choice of course and one key out of (A-Z, 1-9, and the other "normal" keys). I could live perfectly with a fixed key combination for instat pasting: CNTRL-ALT-V. It is so easy to switch CNTRL-V for normal paste and CNTRL-ALT-V for getting the list and selecting the correct entery oftthe list by pressing V again and again. Even if you miss the correct entery the first time you can simply hold v until you reach the end of the list and getting to the top again. And then just release CNTRL-ALT and and get teh text instantly pasted. The rest with the Arrow keys and the PAGE DOWN and UP keys while holding the CNTRL and ALT keys is an option only. I think there should be two possibilites: Instant pasting like described and bringing the history list up permananet until select an item and hit ENTER. In the last mode it would be able to integrate a search feature by pressing the Letters or Numbers (like the way in mc after pressing CNTRL-S). And ENTER copies the selected item to the clipboarfd. The hotkey for bringing up the history "permanet" should be flexible to. Limitations like the ones for the instant pasting aren't needed I think. It can be the Function keys although. Is it difficult to code this thing? In I must have a look to the code. But I think I am depressed then because of my limited coding possibilities. Which language is used? C? If I can help otherways ...

[sao 2011-06-02]
It seems that the only way for commenting on a blueprint is the whiteboard. What I have seen is to add the nick and the date so it is easier to follow a conversation.

Well an instant paste feature would be definitely desirable over a copy to clipboard behavior. However that is not gonna be an easy task. Firstly you loose the focus when the menu opens so when a item is selected you have to regain the position the cursor was left and than paste the content in to an application Diodon does not own.

I'm reluctant to add more options to Diodon (actually written in Vala ;)) as I want to keep it simple. Therefore I would prefer not to have another hot key. However usually a hotkey is always split into modifiers (Ctrl, Alt, ...) and a key (A-Z,...). So to use the feature the modifiers need to be pressed while the key can be used to browse through the history. I suppose that is gonna be tricky to be implemented.
However, the first step to take is to implement a instant paste feature. Then I suppose we will see how well that will work and can then decide in what way the instant paste feature will take place (e.g. only with the new key combination or a new hot key or maybe even by default...)

About the search feature:
This is a different issue and might be discussed in the Blueprint dialog-with-filtering. However as currently the Unity Lens is in testing I suppose that filtering in the indicator should be postponed in favor of instant pasting.

[sao 2011-06-04]
The instant paste feature was easier to implement than I thought ;). It seems to work pretty well so in the branch lp:~diodon-team/diodon/instant-paste I have enabled it by default.

Additionally I have added a task to implement the discussed key combination.
The instant paste feature will land in trunk after the Unity Lens has been released.
However when you want to test the instant paste feature, you can build the source with following commands:
* First close diodon
* sudo apt-get build-dep diodon
* bzr branch lp:~diodon-team/diodon/instant-paste
* cd instant-paste
* ./waf configure --enable-unity-lens
* ./waf build
* sudo ./waf install
* /usr/local/bin/diodon

Run following command to delete the installed files again:
* sudo ./waf uninstall

Really I didn't want to fill my system with the "dev rubbish". But of course I can't stand the suspense :-D! So I am trying to build it. It must be "sudo apt-get build-dep diodon", or?
And the installation only works with "sudo ./waf install".

COOL! It's getting really nice. Of course it is always the same there is always a next wish :-D. Is it possible to make it, that CNTRL-ALT-V is switching through the history list. This cant be so difficult (said by someone with very limited coding possibilities :-D). Of course the best behavior would be the one, I described above. But for now it would be nice although if I could switch through the list and confirm with enter. The mouse using is too time and energy consuming, :-D

[sao 2010-06-06]
Well, what currently should work (if it doesn't than it would be a bug):
Press Ctrl+Alt+V
Use the Arrow Keys Up and Down to Select an item
Press Enter to copy to clipboard (or in the branch to paste it instantly)

Furthermore, there is already a bug filed for the new key combination you have mentioned. (#792812).

First attempt to implement this key combination has been successful.
However, unfortunately, because of GTK3 issues this change needs to be postponed till Oneiric will be released. See Bug #792812 for details.


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