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This blueprint is here to discuss different ideas about plugins which might be useful to implement for Diodon:

Clipboard actions:
Be able to execute actions based on the clipboard contents.

static clipboard items:
3 or 4 static entries at the bottom of the clipboard

clear clipoboard:
Clear system clipboard & selection contents but keep history

Pop & Paste:
A nice feature to add to Diodon would be a Pop & Paste feature. Pop & Paste would be a certain hotkey which when pressed would (1) paste the latest item in the clipboard, (2) remove that item from the clipboard, and (3) load the next item from the clipboard if any.
This will allow the user to copy several items to the clipboard in sequence, and then paste the items one after the other in the reverse sequence with just a shortcut key.

Ubuntu One DB Integration:
Syncing clipboard history with U1DB library -

Copy clipboard content to paste bin:
An action to quickly paste clipboard content to

Paste simple text:
When issue #871319 is implemented there would be a need to only paste plain text

Edit clipboard:
Option to edit copied text before paste.

Numbering of items:
Adding a number in front of any clipboard item to get a better sense of order

Remove single/selection of clipoard items:
Possibility to remove a specific clipboard item.
Say the user copied a few different parts of a document, then goes over the list and realizes he/she only needs a couple entries. It would be useful to allow the user to individually mark the entries to remove (or the entries to keep), and then issue the clear-marked (or clear-all-but-marked) command [udude]

Sticky Diodon menu:
add an option for the Diodon menu to stick around. Meaning the user can open it and move it to the side of the screen, and work on his/her document while monitoring it as the list of copied items gets updated.
This is allows the user to constantly monitor the contents of the combined clipboard, saving the open/dismiss operations of the Diodon menu [udude]

Paste all feature:
One feature which ms-office clipboard has and is missing in Diodon is 'paste-all', meaning paste the entire list of copied items. [udude]
In the new version of Diodon it will store items indefinitely so would be a bit too much to paste them all. Maybe this can be limited to Paste all recent items. [sao]

Here is a list of links of 3rd party plugins:

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[belkinsa] Saved Clipboard Items- maybe have those linked to the static items in case for a user wanting a longer list of static items. Or have two drop down menus; one for normal clipboard and one from the static/saved item one.

[anubeon] You should definitely have a look at Glippy's snippets feature. They implement them as a drop-out menu at the bottom of the main indicator menu. Personally, I'd prefer it is they'd place them higher up, perhaps even above the clipboard entries (i.e. as the first entry), but a drop-out definitely seems better than in-line, as in-line limits the number of snippets (or static items as you've called them). Perhaps a hybrid would be better? Specifically an inline list of 3/4 snippets, below the dynamic clipboard items, visually distinguised with a separator and with any overflow (more than 3/4 snippets) held in a drop-out menu.

Also, Glippy's snippets are editable, I would hope that this would be the case with any Diodon implementation of static items.


'Paste All' is a useful option where a person collects information, say from a web page:
1. The user clears the clipboard
2. The user copies multiple snippets/images from the browser
3. The user switches to a libreoffice writer document and chooses 'Paste All'
4. Now the user can focus on editing the document

I have created a few of these plugins here:
Paste All is exactly the same as above. Sticky, in addition to the above, has a search feature and the ability to remove items. I'm thinking about folding the ability to edit items into Sticky as well.


Great. Always glad to see some plugins being developed for Diodon. I haven't had a look yet at the plugins but I certainly will.


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