API: Web API for reports and meta-data (read operations)

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Web API for read-only access to reports and meta-data. This release will focus on read operations and a few write operations.

The API will expose objects from the domain model which implements the IdentifiableObject interface. It will provide representations of the meta-data associated with these objects primarily in HTML, XML, JSON and JSONP formats. Certain objects like standard Report, Chart, ReportTable, Resource and MapView will expose additional data resources, where the aggregated data values (not the meta-data) is exposed. These resource will have representations in HTML, PNG and PDF formats. A limited set of write operations should be implemented for sending sets of data values and for posting message conversations and replies to messages.

The Web API should conform to the REST architectural principles as far as reasonable. This implies:

1) Services exposed and manipulated as resources which are uniquely identified with URIs (URLs).

2) A uniform interface through HTTP where the HTTP method (verb) semantics are correctly implemented and the services return adequate response codes.

3) Linkable resources, meaning that clients will make state transitions (navigate) only through actions which are dynamically identified within the resource (in the form of hyperlinks).

4) A rich set of resource representations including formats such as HTML, XML, JSON, JSONP and PNG.

This Web API is intended to be used by external clients such as application running on mobile devices and CMS / Portal solutions running on external servers.

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Lars Helge Øverland
Morten Olav Hansen
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Morten Olav Hansen
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Lars Helge Øverland on 2011-12-25
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Lars Helge Øverland on 2011-12-25

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