Data entry: Off-line capabilities for data capture

Registered by Lars Helge Øverland on 2011-07-06

Off-line data entry capabilities have the potential of being extremely useful in areas with limited and unstable network connectivity as one can continue to benefit from the advantages of centralized deployments.

The data entry module needs functionality for capturing data while the client is off-line. Off-line implies that there is no network / Internet connectivity available. In this mode, data should be captured in a local storage, as opposed to being sent to the on-line server. The user must receive a notification regarding the off-line status and the number of data values which are currently being stored locally. This information must be updated in real-time. When the client gets back on-line the data should automatically be sent to the server. The user must receive feedback of the on-line status and a notification regarding the outcome of operation of synchronizing data with the on-line server.

It is not required that the data entry module is displaying existing data values already stored on the on-line server in the data entry forms when in off-line mode. It is not required at this stage that the user can be off-line when logging in to the system.

This function will utilize the local storage capabilities in web browsers defined by the Web Storage W3 specification, which is more or less supported by all major browsers since the release of Internet Explorer 8.

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