Improve the min/max value functionality

Registered by Ola Hodne Titlestad on 2009-05-20

A few improvements are needed to the min/max value functionality:

1) Generation of min/max values should be available from the data administration module. Currently you need to generate min/max ranges for each orgunit/dataset combination one by one in the data entry module. Sometimes you want to generate ranges for all orgunits and datasets at once and then data entry is not the place for this. In Data Administration we can add a new menu heading called "Min/MAx validation" and in there we can allow min/max generation for any combination of orgunit/dataset, and easily allow all combinations to be selected. Maybe also a good idea to include a "from" and "to" field to indicate which periods to use as the basis for the generation, e.g. from 2008-01-01 to 2008-12-31 would indicate that all 12 months of 2008 will be used if the dataset has monthly period type, or the 4 quarters of 2008 will be used if quarterly dataset etc.

2) In order to detect outliers (outside min-max) we should use standard deviation. Ie. when generating min-max values the min and max values should be based on the lower and upper bound of the standard deviation distribution. All available values for the dataelement and orgunit combination should be used when generating the standard deviation values.

The number of standard deviations to use should be a system setting.

Currently the min-max values are set as 10 % under the lowest and 10 % over the highest value.

3) Manual min/max range per data element
Normally a min/max range is linked to an orgunit/dataelement combination, but sometimes, e.g when there is very little data or very poor data quality in the system it is useful to manually be able to set a default range that can be used for all orgunits as a first level of validation to avoid typos and crazy outliers. These default values need to be set somewhere, and maybe data set management is the best suited place for this, at least that is where it is located in DHIS 1.4. Here we need some functionality to quickly set these ranges, even as quick as setting the same range for all data elements in a dataset, and then also the possibility to adjust individual data elements in the data (set) element list.
In Data entry the procedure will be to first check whether a min/max range exists for the orgunit/data element (the best option) and if not then load the default range for the data element (the next best option), and if nothing is set then leave it blank (the worst option).

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Ola Hodne Titlestad
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Lars Helge Øverland on 2010-05-31
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Lars Helge Øverland on 2010-05-31

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The user interface looks good.. nice work. Just a few comments:

- Move the system setting for factor to maintenance-settings module.
- Remove the min-max header in the menu and put "generate min max" under "data administration" header as the rest.
- Rename both menu entry and page header to "Min-Max Value Generation"



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