(Data type) File type for data elements

Registered by Lars Helge Øverland on 2014-06-18

Add new data element of type FILE_RESOURCE.

Implement file storage for FILE_RESOURCE data values using a flexible backend (local/remote).

Implement file uploads for FILE_RESOURCE data values in data entry.

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Lars Helge Øverland
Lars Helge Øverland
Halvdan Hoem Grelland
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 2.21
Started by
Halvdan Hoem Grelland on 2014-10-30
Completed by
Halvdan Hoem Grelland on 2015-10-14

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Implemented in trunk 2.21. Has a few related issues still:

1) FIXED: ShallowEtagHeaderFilter causes file downloads of a certain size (corresponding to free heap space most likely) to fail miserably with an outofmemoryexception

2) FIXED (GET): Where applicable the GET of a file should be redirected to a signed url (S3 signed urls for example).

3) WONTFIX: Consider removing content digest generation, it is not free for large files

4) FIXED (separate endpoint): Upload files to separate api/fileresources endpoint, not api/datavalues etc and do cleanup of orphaned files (scheduled task?) every now and then.


21. nov - 14:
- Change to using a separate upload (staging) of the file, returning a json representation of the resource to the user. The user can then save this as a data value of type file. Use an object which holds necessary meta-data and the file path relative to storage location (but not added to the model).
- This allows uploading the files before saving the data value, which is alot easier to deal with in client side code (forms etc.).


- Constrain to root directory
- Partition files in directories by day
- Data value is relative path on file system + filename
- Filename is UID
- File extension must be retained
- 1tb max file size
- Deny executables
- Consider compression
- Consider dedicated location for files
- Consider cloud storage


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