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Registered by Lars Helge Øverland on 2012-02-17

We need functionality for locking data sets from further data entry. At a certain stage data is considered to be final and hence it should not be allowed to modify or enter additional data through the data entry interfaces including web and j2me mobile client.

We need a solution where a data set has a given number of days before it is automatically locked. The number of days are relative to the end date of a period. For instance, a data set can be given 15 expiry days. If in July, it means that at June 15 the system should automatically lock the the data entry form for the month of May.

We need a means for overriding this automatic locking for situations where exception must be given to certain org units / periods. It should be possible to define a lock exception for a combination of period, org unit and data set. This exception will then allow for additional data entry for the mentioned combination even if the data set is expired / automatically locked.

We need:

- A property called expiry days for the data set object, including user interface for setting the number of days.

- An object called lock exception which defines exceptions to the automatic locking per data set, period and org unit.

- A mechanism for calculating whether a form is locked. The routine should first check whether the form is expired / automatically locked, then check whether lock exceptions exist.

- Modifications to the data entry user interface to reflect the locking function.

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