Custom Excel workbook reporting and importing module

Registered by Lars Helge Øverland on 2009-10-02

         As we know that almost health workers are familiar with using office software like Microsoft Office or Open Office to create reports. Moreover, the reports are very important and health workers usually transfer report to their managers by Excel format file for easy modifying, customizing and transferring.

        To help users approach DHIS easily, we (HISP India and Vietnam team) decided to develop a new Excel Report module in DHIS which use less memory and its comparatively fast when compared to other reporting module

        Main features in excel report module
        1. Create report
             - This feature is used to create many types of report such as report which contains standard data elements, report list organization unit groups as row, report list periods of time as column, reports which generate data elements combined with categories.
             - Design report items which will be generated in each report according to report item types such as : data element, indicator, serial no (for generating sequence no in report), data element name, dataelement code, organisation unit name, organisation unit group.

         2. Generate report
             - This feature allow users generate report according to parameters such as period of time, organization unit, organization unit group, or generate group of reports to many sheets of 1 excel file.

            2.1 Preview reports
               - This feature help users to preview reports via web before generate in Excel file. This also served in the case there is not Microsoft Office Excel was not installed in the system.
            2.2 View data entry status and view data set completed report
                  - View data entry status allow users to see how much percents of data were entered.
                  - View data set completed report allow user to view situation of completeness of reports according to period of time.
            2.3 Fast Excel report
                  - View fast report by selecting org unit, data elements and list of periods.
         3. Import data from Excel file into Database of DHIS
            - As the need of saving and transfer date between health workers or need in organisation units where internet is not available. User may need to enter data in excel file and import it into database. This feature allow user import data from an pre-designed excel template into dhis database automatically or import just specify data elements.

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Lars Helge Øverland
Thuy Nguyen
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Tri Tran Thanh
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Lars Helge Øverland on 2009-10-02
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Lars Helge Øverland on 2009-11-19

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