Centralized Dashboard content control

Registered by John Ojo on 2010-09-02

Function for centrally controlling the content of the dashboard by the superuser role. This could be implemented with a checkbox under system settings. When the feature is selected, content (such as charts, reports, documents or map views) placed in the dashboard by the user with superuser role, should be visible automatically to every other user whenever they display the dashboard with their own username/password. Examine this scenario: We have DHIS 2 (with MySQL as backend and Windows server 2003 as the OS platform) setup for remote access in our regional project involving multiple countries and several users. Currently the DHIS 2 dashboard requires each user (superuser and everyone else) to individually insert content (charts, reports, documents and map views) into the dashboard before they can view dashboard content. I discovered this when I (with superuser role), inserted a few charts and a static report into the dashboard and then sent a mail to all staff requesting them to view the dashboard for the content I have placed there. To my utmost surprise, they all reported back (and correctly so) that the dashboard was empty! I had to log in with each member of staff's username/password combination and then inserted those contents in the dashboard for each user (for staff numbering more than 30, and an additional "guest" user) before they were able to see the dashboard content with their individual login details. As the database administrator, my role requires that I alter the information on the dashboard from time-to-time (such as posting new charts or map views) and share these with all users (project staff, partners and donors alike) but having to do the alteration individually for the number of users of our database system, each time I post new content on the dashboard, is an ordeal I am so scared to have to experience again and again. In addition, our partners (including donors) who log in as "guest" users to our DHIS 2 dashboard page are interested in seeing results we have posted there and monitor our progress and it should not be up to the guests to insert charts, reports, map views, etc into the dashboard (something they usually do not have the technical know-how to do). The solution we seek is one in which anyone who has access to our DHIS 2 database automatically sees the content the database administrator has posted on the dashboard whenever the dashboard is selected from the Services Menu or from any other link. This, to my mind, will make the dashboard more intuitive and a powerful component of the DHIS 2 app.

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