(Model) Data element / data value / category associations

Registered by Lars Helge Øverland on 2013-11-24

Categories, category options, and category option combinations have been used until now only for dis-aggregations. But they can be extended to be used also as data attributes that define independent data dimensions. For example, PEPFAR reporting will require data to be associated with a funding mechanism (a contract between an agency and a partner.) Global Fund could require adding a data dimension of disease.

To distinguish between these two types of categories, a category combination type field will be added that can have values of "disaggregation" (as categories currently function) and "attribute" (a new type of category that functions as below.) Both types of category will be associated with data elements. Both will operate the same in reporting and analytics. They will differ in (1) data input, and (2) user restrictions.

The data element object must be extended to have a new association to category combination called "attributeCombination". The data value object must be extended to have a new association to category option combination called "attributeOptionCombination".

The attribute categories should impact data entry logic in the sense that they should be presented as drop-downs and let the user select one option. I.e. each attribute category associated with a data element should be rendered as a drop-down and each category option should appear as an option in that drop-down. The user should not be allowed to start entering data values until a selection has been made for all such attribute categories in the form.

The attribute categories should be made available for data analysis through the analytics engine in the same way as current categories are.

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Lars Helge Øverland
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