Barchart with horizontal (target/threshold) line across the chart

Registered by John Ojo on 2011-02-23

A solid (or broken) horizontal line running from the Y-axis of a bar chart across the chart to the right edge of the chart and labeled "Target" or "Threshold". The height (or value) of the target line on the Y-axis to be entered by the user on the "Create period by indicator chart", "Create indicator by period (or by organization) chart" screen. A checkbox that reads: "Include target or threshold line" could be used to request the value for the target/threshold line and then a textbox used to prompt for the label of the line (whether "Target" or "Threshold"). The value entered by the user will be treated by the bar chart drawing engine as a constant value so for every value on the X-axis, the corresponding value on the Y-axis is the same (the value supplied by the user).

See examples of a bar chart with a horizontal target line here:

Please note that this value to be used to draw the horizontal line is NOT a value to be read from the database and therefore is not data to be collected in the database as routine data; it is only required to be entered at the time of creating a bar chart and so this idea is completely different from what is implied by the decision made on this same blueprint submitted earlier:

  “We will for now settle with a solution based on the existing functionality emerging in Kenya:
    Add data elements prefixed with "Target" and assign to a Yearly data set. Then enter those actual numbers at the desired org unit level. Then target indicators can be created like this:
     Target (indicator) = Target / Population

  Performance indicators can be created like this:
     Performance = Achievement (number) / Target”

This horizontal (target or threshold) line on a bar chart does not require "entering actual numbers at the desired org unit level" because only one number is required to draw it (the value on the Y-axis) and which the user supplies.
This option will be very useful for us here in the field for showing performance results in our dhis2 dashboard. It will be particularly useful on the "Create period by indicator chart".

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Morten Olav Hansen on 2011-04-14
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