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Cyphesis currently spawns all new player characters, including creator avatars used by admin, at the world origin with a hard coded inventory. A mechanism needs to be devised that can be manipulated in a server independent way to handle configurable spawn locations, so the user can in addition to selecting their character type, also select from a number of locations, and the combination of these choices should also control what they have in their inventory at spawn time. It should also potentially allow the avatar to be configured in various ways, especially wearing all starting clothing, and settting up character stats. Consideration probably should be given to the need to configure many different character aspects at creation time, and the possible need to start the character off in some kind of tutorial.

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Any basic ideas of how you would want to separate this into code and data? With "data" I'm thinking of in world specifications, such as entities. While I think that entities might not be suitable for defining the positions (mainly because there's no reason why we would want to send them to regular users, and as far as I know we haven't got a mechanism for hiding certain entities for certain classes of entities (or?).). /erik

I am thinking that it could be a private property bound at an Entity, much as we tie terrain mods as properties to entities.
There is a nice consistency to making all IG data exist and entities and their properties, as it means existing storage and editing tools just work, and there is no need to create new protocol extensions or write lots of new core code. /Al

This could be considered "implemented" now, couldn't it? (I can't change the status.)
I would like to see it extended though, as the way child entities (i.e. inventory) currently is very rudimentary. I've put up a blueprint about "entity prototypes" which could be used for this. /erik

Yeah, it's implemented, but obviously can be enhanced. I think this goes for any blueprint, as most features are subject to enhancements, so we should consider each one complete when a defined scope in the blueprint is implemented. /AlRiddoch


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