Dashboard access to inventory entities

Registered by Chris Spencer

The Craton dashboard should have the ability to work with inventory entities:
projects, regions, cells, devices, hosts, and labels.



Work Items

Work items:
Implement region creation: TODO
Unit test region creation: TODO
Implement region deletion: TODO
Unit test region deletion: TODO
Implement region update: TODO
Unit test region update: TODO
Implement region show: TODO
Unit test region show: TODO
Implement cell creation: TODO
Unit test cell creation: TODO
Implement cell deletion: TODO
Unit test cell deletion: TODO
Implement cell update: TODO
Unit test cell update: TODO
Implement cell show: TODO
Unit test cell show: TODO
Implement host creation: TODO
Unit test host creation: TODO
Implement host deletion: TODO
Unit test host deletion: TODO
Implement host update: TODO
Unit test host update: TODO
Implement host show: TODO
Unit test host show: TODO

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