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1. Package clicompanion 1.1

2. Test the package carefully and thoroughly in both Debian sid and in
Ubuntu Precise, on as many machines and DEs as we can (i386 and amd64, Unity,
GNOME2 maybe, GNOME3, KDE). Perhaps test backports to older releases of
Ubuntu (10.04 LTS for example), if testing resources allow that.

2. Test what happens if you install the package on
machines that are already running older (packaged or unpackaged)
versions of clicompanion -- do they upgrade cleanly?

3. Ask a DD, Piotr. for review of the package.

4. Put out an RFS for it, so we get a sponsor who can upload it into
Debian unstable (this can be the same friendly DD as in step (8)). Have
the sponsor check and upload the source package for us.

5. Monitor bug feedback (in the Debian BTS) and build feedback (on etc. from the release to unstable, using and the PTS at, address any issues
found, and go back to step (4) for a reupload if needed.

6. If all goes well, the package will be migrated into Debian
testing, and this package release of clicompanion is complete.

7. Celebrate! We did it :)

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Not started
Jonathan Marsden
Needs approval
CLI Companion Development Team
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Work items:

[bdfhjk]Create clicompanion 1.1 package (lintian clean [DONE], correct copyright and licence info for all files): IN PROGRESS
#From what i can tell if you pull trunk and current debian and build then you will get a 1.1_all deb that is lintian error free and older packages can easily upgrade to 1.1 via USC so this should be good to go. [stlsaint]
- Add fix for comands containing " : " character [DONE]
- Add posibility for system recognition and disabling commands which will not work [IN PROGRESS]

Write clear detailed clicompanion package test plan: TODO
#Isn't this what the blueprints are doing?

 [stlsaint] Test clicompanion package on Ubuntu Precise on i386: Complete
 [stlsaint] Test clicompanion package on Ubuntu Precise on amd64: COMPLETE
 [stlsaint] Test clicompanion package on Debian unstable on i386: COMPLETE
 [stlsaint] Test clicompanion package on Debian unstable on amd64: COMPLETE

Test clicompanion package on older Ubuntu releases: TODO
#What is meant by older and how far back are we talking.

[stlsaint] Test upgrading clicompanion from older versions: COMPLETE
[bdfhjk] Work with DD Piotr in reviewing package for Debian: IN PROGRESS
Publish RFS for clicompanion package: TODO
Monitor bug from Debian BTS, PTS, etc.: TODO
Migrate clicompanion package into Debian testing: TODO
Verify package is synced into Ubuntu Precise: TODO


Work Items

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