Cinder ocata-1 "o1"

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Sean McGinnis
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1 Chris M, 1 Clenimar Filemon, 2 Eric Harney, 1 Gorka Eguileor, 3 Helen Walsh, 1 Huang Zhiteng, 1 John Griffith, 1 Kaitlin Farr, 1 Peter Wang, 1 Vipin Balachandran, 2 wanghao
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refactor volume status in managing vol refactor volume status in managing vol 2 Low wanghao  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1398877 #1398877 solidfire: update_cluster_status() need better error handling for connectivity issues 3 High John Griffith  10 Fix Released
1535815 #1535815 Disable multi-attach for RBD 3 High Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1621109 #1621109 Key manager is always overridden to ConfKeyManager 3 High Kaitlin Farr  10 Fix Released
1628340 #1628340 Volume Manager failed to start when some volumes are not found on the backend 3 High Huang Zhiteng  10 Fix Released
1628536 #1628536 Error during force snapshot creation for volume with "error" state 3 High Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1641611 #1641611 TypeError: save() takes exactly 2 arguments (1 given) 3 High Gorka Eguileor  10 Fix Released
1401297 #1401297 EMC VMAX cinder volumes can get out of sync and point at the wrong backend vol 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1504007 #1504007 unmanage volume/snapshot reduce quota incorrectly 4 Medium wanghao  10 Fix Released
1554770 #1554770 DotHill drivers do not honor clone volume size 4 Medium Chris M  10 Fix Released
1599168 #1599168 Domain information is ignored when contacting Novaclient 4 Medium Clenimar Filemon  10 Fix Released
1629207 #1629207 VMware: Creating linked clone volumes in VC 6.0 fails with InvalidArgument 4 Medium Vipin Balachandran  10 Fix Released
1555728 #1555728 VMAX: _create_initiator_Group uses multiple CIM calls where one sufices 5 Low Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1629223 #1629223 AttibuteError when storops is not installed for VNX driver 5 Low Peter Wang  10 Fix Released
1630660 #1630660 VMAX driver - Misleading logging 5 Low Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
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