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Sean McGinnis
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1 Chuck Fouts, 6 Helen Walsh, 1 John Griffith, 1 Justin A Wilson, 1 Mark T. Voelker, 2 Matan Sabag, 1 Michal Dulko, 1 Sean McGinnis, 1 Yogesh, 1 nikeshkm
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1590901 #1590901 cinder-api lost SSL in oslo.service wsgi move for M 3 High Justin A Wilson  10 Fix Released
1614598 #1614598 Fail to retype lvm volume to scaleio 3 High Matan Sabag  10 Fix Released
1622253 #1622253 ScaleIO doesn't start without specifying sio_max_over_subscription_ratio 3 High Matan Sabag  10 Fix Released
1552426 #1552426 VMAX driver: failed rollback on VMAX3 when MV issue 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1554773 #1554773 VMAX driver does not honor clone volume size 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1587969 #1587969 VMAX driver - iSCSI support on controller node 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1597284 #1597284 VMAX driver: Get target wwn fails if a port is down 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1605193 #1605193 VMAX - FC - Cleanup of Initiator group fails 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1616133 #1616133 EMC VMAX Volume Snapshot failing with volume cannot be found 4 Medium Helen Walsh  10 Fix Released
1621836 #1621836 Backing up attached volumes doesn't work when a c-vol is in Mitaka version 4 Medium Michal Dulko  10 Fix Released
1480377 #1480377 eqlx delete snapshot when snapshot is not present 5 Low Sean McGinnis  10 Fix Released
1596679 #1596679 NetApp - Backing snapshots may not be deleted 1 Undecided Chuck Fouts  10 Fix Released
1615451 #1615451 NetApp cDOT doesn't report replication_enabled as a pool level capability 1 Undecided Yogesh  10 Fix Released
1623328 #1623328 Use IP instead of volume_backend_name for kaminario locks 1 Undecided nikeshkm  10 Fix Released
1623618 #1623618 SolidFire potential clone/snapshot errors in >20K volume environments 1 Undecided John Griffith  10 Fix Released
1623744 #1623744 Block Storage API V2 in Block Storage API Reference is Missing JSON response 1 Undecided Mark T. Voelker  10 Fix Released
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