Cinder 2014.1.1

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Alan Pevec
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1 Alan Pevec, 1 Attila Fazekas, 4 Chuck Short, 1 Matt Riedemann, 6 Mike Perez
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This is Cinder 2014.1.1 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1325392 #1325392 cinder.conf was out of date and causing jenkins failures after keystoneclient update 2 Critical Alan Pevec  10 Fix Released
1304516 #1304516 Cinder fails to delete error state volumes on Windows 3 High Chuck Short  10 Fix Released
1308058 #1308058 Cannot create volume from glance image without checksum 3 High Mike Perez  10 Fix Released
1316483 #1316483 cinder-volume-usage-audit doesn't work with rpc-based notifiers 3 High Mike Perez  10 Fix Released
1318108 #1318108 SolarisISCSIDriver fails on _execute 3 High Mike Perez  10 Fix Released
1293792 #1293792 test_volume_get_all_filters_limit incorrectly asserts certain metadata ordering 4 Medium Matt Riedemann  10 Fix Released
1298201 #1298201 If volume copy not finished, user add a copy of the volume, storwize/svc driver will failed 4 Medium Chuck Short  10 Fix Released
1300136 #1300136 Failed to delete a never attached volume with lioadm helper 4 Medium Attila Fazekas  10 Fix Released
1300303 #1300303 glusterfs: Rebased snapshot volume is not deleted 4 Medium Chuck Short  10 Fix Released
1304115 #1304115 Storwize/SVC driver crashes when check volume copy status 4 Medium Mike Perez  10 Fix Released
1308689 #1308689 uncaught exception in upload-to-image with invalid container format 4 Medium Chuck Short  10 Fix Released
1308819 #1308819 The status change to retyping when cinder return error for the volumes reach maximum number 5 Low Mike Perez  10 Fix Released
1309626 #1309626 oslo.messaging debug logs are too verbose 5 Low Mike Perez  10 Fix Released
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