Cinder 2013.2.3

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Adam Gandelman
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1 Dirk Mueller, 1 Dong Liu, 3 Eric Harney, 4 Flavio Percoco, 1 Jordan Pittier, 1 Navneet, 1 Sascha Peilicke, 3 ling-yun
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This is Cinder 2013.2.3 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1237338 #1237338 VMware: upload-to-image failure 3 High Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1242980 #1242980 volume transfer url is different from its href in detail body 3 High Dong Liu  10 Fix Released
1272092 #1272092 GlusterFS: volume clone operation can deadlock 3 High Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1276510 #1276510 MySQL 2013 lost connection is being raised 3 High Flavio Percoco  10 Fix Released
1280159 #1280159 Cannot update quotas using the XML API 3 High Flavio Percoco  10 Fix Released
1281148 #1281148 QPID reconnection delay can't be configured 3 High Flavio Percoco  10 Fix Released
1245360 #1245360 No valid check on cinder quota class hard_limit value 4 Medium ling-yun  10 Fix Released
1253657 #1253657 NetApp Cinder driver doesn't work with vsadmin role credentials 4 Medium Navneet  10 Fix Released
1266804 #1266804 User/pass logged in PostgreSQL connection string 4 Medium Sascha Peilicke  10 Fix Released
1267983 #1267983 GlusterFS: Additional operations require synchronization 4 Medium Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1244092 #1244092 db connection retrying doesn't work against db2 5 Low Flavio Percoco  10 Fix Released
1249971 #1249971 update quota sets API does not handle all fail cases 5 Low ling-yun  10 Fix Released
1244848 #1244848 volume_readonly_update API not support request using XML 1 Undecided Jordan Pittier  10 Fix Released
1270785 #1270785 Delete volume transfer while doing volume force delete operation 1 Undecided ling-yun  10 Fix Released
1281279 #1281279 NetApp iSCSI fails after extending a volume multiple times 1 Undecided Dirk Mueller  10 Fix Released
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