Cinder 2013.1.4

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Adam Gandelman
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1 Adalberto Medeiros, 2 Avishay Traeger, 1 Eric Harney, 1 Flavio Percoco, 1 Joe Breu, 2 John Griffith, 2 Mathieu Gagné, 4 Navneet, 1 Walt Boring, 2 wanghao
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This is Cinder 2013.1.4 release.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1234970 #1234970 Previous change to allow SolidFire to clone different size, breaks create-snapshot 2 Critical John Griffith  10 Fix Released
1172922 #1172922 Nova and quantum don't close qpid connections after certain error conditions 3 High   10 Fix Released
1175207 #1175207 Unintended keyword arg to utils.execute prevents cinder-volume service from starting 3 High Avishay Traeger  10 Fix Released
1191812 #1191812 volume cloning is failing with an I/O error happening when the backing snapshot is wiped 3 High Joe Breu  10 Fix Released
1210853 #1210853 ThinLVM create volume from snapshot fails 3 High Eric Harney  10 Fix Released
1213964 #1213964 when using qpid, metadata arguments cause volume cloning to fail 3 High Flavio Percoco  10 Fix Released
1215064 #1215064 solidfire driver crashes during ensure export if solidfire not available 3 High John Griffith  10 Fix Released
1219105 #1219105 Volume size is not updated when cloning a volume with SolidFire 3 High Mathieu Gagné  10 Fix Released
1224211 #1224211 Failure to create tmp file in image_conversion_dir can lead to the creation of 3 volumes 3 High Mathieu Gagné  10 Fix Released
1226398 #1226398 Allow display_name for v2 snapshot-update 4 Medium wanghao  10 Fix Released
1176759 #1176759 Incorrect tunnelling to NetApp servers in concurrent requests 5 Low Navneet  10 Fix Released
1182015 #1182015 NetApp: iSCSI drivers' reserved percentage is 100 5 Low Navneet  10 Fix Released
1185178 #1185178 glanceclient tests failing on fake_host 5 Low Walt Boring  10 Fix Released
1205956 #1205956 Cinder API v2: List Snapshots Details can not use search options like "offset" and "limit" as admin user 5 Low wanghao  10 Fix Released
1209367 #1209367 volume is not deleted in cinder db 5 Low Adalberto Medeiros  10 Fix Released
1212206 #1212206 Cinder-Volume Fails to Boot on Restart 5 Low Avishay Traeger  10 Fix Released
1221205 #1221205 upload-to-image fails with the NetApp NFS backend 5 Low Navneet  10 Fix Released
1212286 #1212286 "mount.nfs is not installed" is in error 1 Undecided Navneet  10 Fix Released
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