NFS based Cinder driver to support Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability

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This blueprints adds a new Cinder driver to support Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability. This driver is based on a generic NFS driver and it implements all the minimum features for the Juno release.

Brief overview of Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System High Availability:

Symantec Storage Foundation Cluster File System allows multiple servers to mount and use a single file system simultaneously. It provides a highly available environment, delivering fast recovery for business-critical applications with reduced complexity and costs. Compared to traditional single-instance file system implementations, Cluster File System (CFS) significantly reduces application downtime and improves data access. Because multiple servers share the same storage resources, the length of time it takes to bring storage online is drastically reduced when an application fails.

Brief overview of Symantec Clustered NFS:

Symantec Clustered NFS is a solution that delivers active-active NFS file serving over an underlying Cluster File System. It allows the same file system mounted across multiple nodes using CFS to be shared over NFS from any combination of those nodes without any loss of functionality during fail over.

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sarat inuguri
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By looking into the introduction, it's advantages are focus on disaster recovery. Looking forward to the relative specs to learn how the details about volumes' high availability when integrating this driver. ---- ling-yun 2014-07-22

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    Symantec NFS cinder driver Changes to support Symantec Storage Foundation Clustered File System High Availability via NFS Cinder driver.

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