Add a DPL Volume Driver for ProphetStor Storage Server in Cinder

Registered by Steven Tan

ProphetStor DPL Storage Server enables x86 commodity hardware as enterprise-grade storage systems.

DPL Storage Server key features:
• Self-heal
• Data protection with Mirroring, Striping, Striped Mirroring, and additional RAID levels
• Thin-provisioning
• Snapshots
• Clones
• Dedupe
• Compression
• Mutli-level cache

DPL Storage Server also provides an open RESTful API which will be published at a later date.
• Discovery
• System Configuration
• Pool Management
• Volume/Volume Group Operations
• Snapshot Operation
• Image Management
• Replication
• Export/Target
• Monitoring

The driver implements the iSCSI block storage protocol and will support FC in future.

The driver supports all required minimum features for IceHouse:
- Volume Create/Delete
- Volume Attach/Detach
- Snapshot Create/Delete
- Create Volume from Snapshot
- Get Volume Stats
- Copy Image to Volume
- Copy Volume to Image
- Clone Volume
- Extend Volume
In addition to the minimum feature set, DPL Storage Server also provides:
- Volume Rollback

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John Griffith
Rick Chen
Series goal:
Accepted for juno
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2014.2
Started by
Steven Tan
Completed by
John Griffith

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checked in, ready for next icehouse release. thanks

Given I haven't seen any updates, or had any communication from the ProphetStore team I'm removing this from I3. If you have the code submitted in the next week or so that's fine, it doesn't prevent you from submitting, but code there's a lot of code that's been in process for quite some time and at this point it takes priority in the review process.

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/prophetstor-dpl-driver,n,z

I think at this point we should consider deferring to Juno, maybe you could join in on IRC and get myself or another Cinder developer to help you with the expectations for submital? I know I haven't caught up with you, but maybe somebody else has been helping out... regardless there are a lot of things missing that I'd be happy to help you with but this late in the cycle it's tough considering priorities of closing out the milestone.

I see your submission, thanks! I'm working through it, drivers like this and VIPR are tricky IMO because they don't actually provide a backing, they just give another abstraction layer (another Cinder) underneath Cinder which makes it an interesting case.

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    Add ProphetStor DPL Storage server volume driver for Cinder

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[Rick] Update cinder volume driver certification report to be latest.


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