Implement Cinder create volume commands with TaskFlow 0.1.1

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TaskFlow should be included to Cinder requirements. Create volume commands from volume.api, volume.manager, scheduler.manager should be implemented with TaskFlow 0.1.1. Old TaskFlow code should be removed from Cinder.

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John Griffith
Anastasia Karpinska
Anastasia Karpinska
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Currently there are three flows for the create volume command. There are a lot of changes happened in TaskFlow. These changes require a lot of code refactoring of current tasks. What should be done:

1. Add taskflow 0.1.1 package to Cinder requirements, remove old TaskFlow code.

2. Remove cinder/volume/flows/create_volume/ that contains an implementation of all create_flow commands (api, manager, scheduler). Move these flows to separate files.
    - cinder/volume/flows/
    - cinder/volume/flows/
    - cinder/scheduler/flows/
Tasks that can be used by different flows should be placed into cinder/volume/flows/

3. Make tasks refactoring: new TaskFlow tasks will have execute() and revert() methods instead of __call__().

4. Next changes that happened in TaskFlow 0.1.1 should be taken into account:
    - TaskFlow holds all data used and returned by tasks in storage. Storage holds constant data that cannot be changed by tasks.
    - All exceptions that have been thrown by tasks are stored in TaskFlow. If exception have been raised during the revert, the flow stops the revert and re-raise this exception. Flow is marked as failed.

5. Volume manager create volume flow can't be split by tasks because of different behavior that depends on parameters. This command should be implemented as 4 different flows to create volume from snapshot, source volume, image. This will reduce an amount of flow parameters and branches.

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    Switch create volume commands to Taskflow 0.1.1

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    Create structure of flows' pakages

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