Cinder FCZM - Friendly Zone Names

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Introduce user friendly names for zones to include host name and storage system along
with WWNs to easily identify the host and storage port details.

Problem Description

FC Zone Manager will be enhanced to configure friendly names for zones. At present, zone manager uses the WWNs of Adapter port and Target port to configure the zone names

Proposed Change

Volume driver invokes FC Zone Manager with the 'connector' object which contains the host name and the initiator port WWN and Target Port WWN. Today, FC Zone Manager passes those parameters to FC Zone Driver to perform the zoning operations. FC Zone driver, creates a Zone using the Initiator port WWN and Target port WWN.

The proposal is to add one field to the existing connection_info object passed to the FCZM
by the volume drivers. This field would contain a storage system value to be used in the zone
name. This storage system value could be a serial number, a name, or any other value used
to identify the storage.

The Zone driver will use this storage system value and the hostname to define a friendly zone name in the following format:

Zone Name Format: **<HostName>_<Host WWPN>_<StorageSystem>_<Target WWPN>**.

In the event that the storage system name is not provided in the connection_info, then the existing mechanism of defining the Zone name using WWNs will be used instead of failing the zoning configuration.

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    Spec for Brocade Zone Driver Friendly Zone names

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    Spec for Brocade Zone Driver Friendly Zone names

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