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Why, what, and how we open up portions of the certification site to third-parties (including the community).

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***Marking as Obsolete/Deferred since this has never been touched.***

Expanding Testing to the Community

Cert site can be generalized into a result tracking site

We should consider naming conventions; keep "certification" for only commercial certifications and have another name for user testing (under the domain)

==== Cert Site Pros ====
 * ACLs already present
 * OpenID integration
 * Makes extremely good (and visible) use of the Checkbox data that is being submitted to Launchpad
 * Increases visibility of Checkbox (more users and more tests)

==== Cert Site Cons ====
 * ISO tracker is very focused and good for what it is; cert site doesn't currently support all use cases
  * For the short term (at least) we should not look to expand the cert site to be a general result tracking system; focus on tracking hardware information

==== Proposal ====
 * First step, open up the cert site as it is
  * allow community to see public results but not private
  * need a way to mark basically anything as private... must be sure to not leak information
 * Second step, generalize and allow incoming test results
  * used for 1st phase triaging before filing bugs
  * bugs can be filed with a click of a button... w00t
  * use OpenID info on submitter to decide what to certify
   * do we want to visually indicate that some submissions were done by specific people (e.g. Canonical employees)?
  * Should we allow comments, workarounds, etc.?
   * could be useful to community
   * might link automatically to an external source (e.g. wiki) for discussion or info
 * We should have a weighting system of some sort -- a way to distinguinsh certified hardware from community-tested hardware

Current Laptop Testing Team's site:

==== Action Items ====
 * Discuss wiki of hardware comments, etc. with documentation team (Marc Tardif)
 * Have a driver for this to get approval (Marc Tardif or Ronald McCollam)


We'll defer this to the more general results tracker development -- heno


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