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Define a team charter for Platform services that includes a section charter on HW cert.

The team charter should include the services provided by the team , also should include items that are not in scope of the charter.

* overall department vision
* individual team mission
* Should define HW cert and HW Enablement integration points
* What SLAs should be put in place

The proposal is to host the charter on the canonical wiki.

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Victor Tuson Palau
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Input from UDS session -

Daily Testing for platform builds
 * who's responsible for triaging results? - Owner: Platform QA
 * who's responsible for framework failures? - Platform QA will ping someone in HW Cert
Regression testing of SRUs
 * Owner: Platform QA
Boot metrics
 * Owner: Platform QA responsible for relaying results
 * Owner: HW Cert responsible for the tooling/scripts
Weekly Release meeting reporting
 * Owner: Platform QA
delegating test cases between teams
 -- Application tests vs hardware tests
 * Owner: HW tests - HW Cert
 * Owner: Application tests - Platform QA
Checkbox Maintenance
 * Owner: HW Cert
Test Development
 * Owner: Shared between both teams
  - eg. HW specific tests owned by HW Cert

Lab management
 -- Access Control - Owner: HWCert
 -- Hardware acquisition/maintenance - Owner: HW Cert

Issuing Certs - Owner: HWCert
3C / Webbapps maintenance - Owner: HW Cert
Unity testing
 * Platform QA is putting together testplan for Natty Release
 * Likely shared ownership for actual testing, ie parallel efforts

How can JFo deliver bugs to QA to develop tests?
 * Likely work with HW Cert
 * The kernel team knows better about kernel tests. There has to be communication
   between both.
 * If the kernel team can't create the test, at least the needed information to write one.

[marjo/ara] Change/Update Weekly Release Report Name - done
create PS wiki -done
do Certification charter - done
write roles and responsibilities for cert team - done
do Enablement charter - TODO
Document what we do and dont do in general - TODO
setup validation lab - done

What is pending is outside of Certification , so I close this as done- victorp


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