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We have essentially completed the development for the Server Test Suite. Now we need to review what's done and work on enhancements and possible additions or deletions. Also we need to verify the contents of the server focused certification whitelist (a subset of the main certification list disregarding consumer level tests). Finally, we need to make sure that this can be used in the field by FAE/TAMs and testers at OEM/ODMs for the future goal of Self Cert for servers. The goal is to ensure we have a worthwhile server test suite that can sufficiently hammer server hardware during certification testing going forward. This should benefit Platform Services (our tests don't suck anymore) and Canonical's Customers (yes, your hardware IS actually exercised pretty heavily before we put our seal of approval on it) and Ubuntu Users (this level of testing will ensure you have the best user experience on certified hardware possible.

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Kevin Krafthefer
Jeff Lane 
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Slow progress
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Victor Tuson Palau

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Definition of Done:
[Done] * Whitelist and tests are written, tested and usable
[Done] * Remaining STS lists are reviewed and cut as necessary
[Done] * Suggestions for new server hardware tests or ways to enhance what we use now
 * Devise a means to do USB and Optical testing on the servers in the DCs
 * Decide on a way to ensure we're testing all the options a server could come with (especially RAID card options)
[Done] * Ensure remote testers can submit results (test on one machine and submit on another)
[Done] * Checkbox-Compatibility goes away, combined with Checkbox-Certification
[Done] Engineer Guide to using Checkbox is written and available for internal and external testers to use
[Done] Outcomes of each acked by the appropriate party (FAE/TAM/OEMs?)
 * FAE testing done using the improved tools
 * Server testing for 11.10 done using the new server suite (completed for Beta1 at the latest)


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