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With the expansion of certification systems every quarter, keeping track of each individual system has been relegated to a variety of different places. From the certification site to spreadsheets, details of each systems is not centralized and accessible to the global team.

There are many different machines in multiple locations around the world. What is needed is a simple and easy way to track each piece of hardware, where it is, and a point of contact with the party responsible for the hardware.

Multiple ways exist to track the hardware, from Google docs to Salesforce. Each was its own pros and cons, and the best way to track all this information needs to work in the global environment of the company.

Currently PS uses to manage the process of certification and lab configuration. This tool is also used by OEMS QA and already integrates with Salesforce. The proposal is that this blueprint is therefore implemented in

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== Definition of Done ==

* A tracking systems is in place (live) that meets the needs of OEMS , PS and Admin
* The tracking system uses SSO, and checks for Canonical membership
* The system has to include the concept of owner of that particular HW
* Pilot programme of the system is completed
* There is a plan of action for the tracking system to contain information of all "active" hardware present in the company
* There is a SOP for managing bugs and and rolling out updates is in place
* A SOP for adding, editing, and removing systems from the tracker has been approved by the team
* The tracking system satisfy:
   * Certification team can use it to identify where ST hardware is placed and which hardware from the lab is on loan
   * OEMs can use it to track what hardware is received from the OEM and sent to which engineers
   * Admin can use it to track what employee has canonical hardware and enter new adquisitions

Update July 2011 - this blueprint is not longer in scope for oneiric (vtuson)


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