Healthnmon – Cloud Monitor & Ceilometer Integration

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Meter, Monitoring, Alerts & notifications, Performance (MMAP)

This blueprint addresses Healthnmon and Ceilometer integration proposal. This proposal talks about having a Cloud monitoring solution which does the Cloud Resource Inventory collection, handles Alerts and notifications, Utilization/Usage/Metering data collection and monitoring.

Ceilometer OpenStack component aims to become the infrastructure to collect measurements within OpenStack so that no two agents would need to be written to collect the same data. Its primary targets are monitoring and metering, but the framework should be easily expandable to collect for other needs. To that effect, Ceilometer should be able to share collected data with a variety of consumers.

Healthnmon component which is currently under stackforge aims to provide Monitoring service for Cloud Resources and Infrastructure with a pluggable framework for “Inventory Management”, “Alerts and notifications” and “Utilization Data” targeting private, public and hybrid cloud solutions deployed by enterprises and service providers realized using any of the available Hypervisor technologies like KVM, Hyper-V, ESX etc., Healthnmon plans to support all the Hypervisors as part of this Cloud monitoring.

Healthnmon and Ceilometer together can address the Metering, monitoring, Alerts & notifications and performance (usage) (MMAP) data requirements of the Cloud.
As part of this integration

• Healthnmon aims to utilize Ceilometer to collect meters data for the cloud resources for KVM implementation. Ceilometer sends the collected meters data to "Healthnmon" or to the Ceilometer database using multi-publisher feature of Ceilometer.

• Healthnmon aims to support the metering requirements for OpenStack Cloud realized using Hypervisors namely Hyper-V and ESX along with KVM using “healthnmon-virtproxy” drivers

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It seems this will never happen -- jd 13/11/2013

i believe you are correct, closing. -- gordc (18.6.2015)


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