Uninstalling applications directly from the menu

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Cardapio integrates installing applications, one should be able to remove them as well.

I for one remember how often I scrolled through the menu and saw 1 or 2 apps I did not need anymore. But I didn’t bother to open Software Center. There should be a right-click option for ›Remove [app-name]‹.

Idea taken from http://www.webupd8.org/2010/07/best-linux-main-menu.html#comment-64272745

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[jancborchardt 2010-08-29]
I tried to implement that in my branch but had several problems:
- The application name is not stored in self.clicked_app
- I wanted to resort to searching, which only works in Maverick yet
- This would only be a solution for Ubuntu, I found no apturl equivalent for uninstalling

Someone else can gladly take it from here since I’m out of ideas for now. :)

Edit: Oh yes, it would certainly be helpful to find out how MintMenu does this. Didn’t think of that.

[tvst 2010-08-30]

(Copying/pasting the discussion from https://code.launchpad.net/~jancborchardt/cardapio/various-fixes/+merge/34010.)

The option to uninstall a program directly from the menu is an interesting one. I know that either Gnomenu or MintMenu (I don't recall which) also implement that option, and many users have asked for it. But there are a few issues with this feature:

a) I'm not sure how we would handle it in a distro-agnostic way. I remember hearing about something called "packagekit" before, which should do just that -- but haven't really looked into it.

b) But more importantly: what happens when the user right-clicks on a basic Gnome app, such as Gnome-Terminal, or Nautilus? Should he get the option to uninstall it? I don't think he should. But, then, how would we be able to tell these types of apps from the others?

[jancborchardt 2010-08-30] (More copypasta)
Yes, distro-agnostic is the goal. I would say we should implement the Ubuntu solution anyway but it is currently too hacky (e.g. it is not working at all, the control switch test is circumvented by searching).

On your b) concern: Nautilus is not displayed in Cardapio and one should be able to remove Gnome-Terminal (why does _that_ even show up? »What is a terminal?«).
What about a hardcoded list of important apps (Passwords & Encryption, Printer stuff, gnome-utils, Software Center) + everything in »System« – pretty straightforward and not that hackish because these apps do not change much.


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