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There are quite a few plugins I would love to see for Cardapio, but have no time to implement as I'm trying to iron out the last few bugs before v1.0.

But if you have a free weekend and feel like doing something awesome, here are some suggestions for you:


1) Other web search plugins: Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, Stack Overflow, NewEgg, YouTube, etc.
DONE: Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, Amazon, Youtube, eBay

2) Browser Bookmark Search for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Epiphany, etc.
(see the discussion at

3) Contacts Search for Empathy/Telepathy, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc.
DONE: Pidgin

4) Message Search for Empathy/Telepathy, Pidgin, Thunderbird, Evolution, etc.

5) Notes Search for Tomboy, Gnote, etc.
DONE: Tomboy

6) Help Search for Gnome Help (i.e. Yelp, not to be confused with, Mallard, man pages, devhelp, etc.

7) Window Manager Plugin (shows currently-open windows), related to

8) Map Search for Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mapquest, etc. (but only show for things that look like addresses, of course)

9) Add OpenSearch support to Google plugin, displaying other search actions after the "Show additional results" text. For example: "Search in Amazon", "Search in Stack Overflow", "Search in Wikipedia", "Search in Wolfram Alpha", etc.

10) Searching content in Google services such as Gmail + Contacts, Docs, Calendar:

11) $PATH search functionality
Similar to Gnome's "Run Application" dialog, Cardapio could search for executables that exist in the user's path. So, for example, typing "me" would show all programs starting with "me" in $PATH, such as "metacity", "mencoder", "meld", etc. Also, if there are spaces in the search query, then only the first word should be searched, while the others treated as parameters. So you could do things like running "killall gnome-panel" or "metacity --replace" and so on.


To get you started, here's Cardapio's plugin documentation:


Any comments or additional plugin ideas? Leave some feedback at the whiteboard below!

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[jancborchardt 2010-07-15]
Great stuff, I was thinking about making such a compilation but forgot. :)
I just added integration of Google services, I hope that’s ok.

Also, do the small action plugins we discussed in fit in here?

[tvst 2010-07-15]

Right now I'm avoiding discussing any "action" plugins, since the plugin API is not fit for that yet. But soon :) .

Now, about the Google services plugins:

I'm not sure what you are proposing. Are you talking about plugins that *search* for items hosted in Google services? (such as search for an email) Or are you talking about plugins that solely perform *actions* in Google services, such as adding a new appointment into Google Calendar?

If the latter, then this is an "action" plugin, and I'd rather remove them from that list until the API is changed. Otherwise, if they are "search" plugins, then OK :)

Just note that another thing that is missing from the plugin API is some way for plugins to have configurable options. So right now I don't know how anything that requires a login/password is going to work at all. This is also on the roadmap, though, so it won't be a problem for too long.

[jancborchardt 2010-07-16]
Yes, I meant search only. :)
And I am aware of the options / login info problem. I just had this in mind as a major set of plugins that Do provides.

[boky 2010-07-18]

How about linking Cardapio to Deskbar? Most of the plugins you mention here are already developed for deskbar.

[tvst 2010-07-18]

Oh, that's an interesting idea! This is certainly something to consider, although it is possible that Deskbar plugins don't map very well to Cardapio's modus operandi. (I can't be sure since I haven't used Deskbar in a long time. I will definitely give it a serious look, though.)

The main problem with this idea is that right now I have no time to devote to it. So if anyone would like to take over and write a Deskbar compatibility layer for Cardapio, that would be greatly appreciated :)

For reference, here's the Deskbar plugin API:

In the meantime, for anyone who would like to port Deskbar plugins to Cardapio, it should be piece of cake. Just check the plugin code from
get ready for some copying and pasting :)

[keiran 2010-07-18]

I'll work on Bing, YouTube and Wikipedia to get warmed up. ;)

[tvst 2010-08-16]

Updated the description above with the plugins that have been written so far.


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