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The number of plugins is about to get quite big and to be honest, many of them can be practical once in a while, but not everyday. For a true keyboard freak like me, using the plugin that is 8th in priority when searching is not practical. I would have to go through the list of search results of the seven higher prioritized plugins or *gasp* I would have to use my mouse. It would be nice if there would be an option to type a letter configurable with every search method/plugin so that only those results are shown (possibly even for plugins that are disabled). For example, for google you could type "g cardapio" if searching for cardapio, for wikipedia "w cardapio", et cetera. This would work similar to the address bar of Opera. If a single letter gives problems (what if you want to search for a file called "w cardapio" on your computer?), use something like %w as the shortcut instead of the single letter.

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[tvst 2010-07-29]

This is a good idea.

I will probably introduce this feature whenever I implement per-plugin configuration windows. This way, the "search letter" or "search word" for each plugin will be fully customizable.

Also, maybe the question mark would be a good choice of identifier for this. For example: "?google testing" or "?g testing" to search for the string "testing" using the Google plugin.

[keiran 2010-08-02]

It's a good idea for somebody who doesn't like using mouse. What if you are a guy who like's to use it or just a guy who needs to use it because you have to open Cardapio clicking (or hovering) it on the menu bar anyway?

I'd prefer, for example, a little combobox near the search area with possibility to choose a plugin. This would be lass "hacky" and more user-friendly (especially for those less technical users).

Search prefix works good but only as a addition to the combobox (working inside the "All plugins" group).

[jancborchardt 2010-08-02]
@keiran: Adding a combobox would be redundant because the different plugins are already displayed under View. Mouse users can just click the category they want to view, this works already and is certainly faster than a combobox. ;)

The search prefix would be only an added function for advanced users that does not get in the way of normal users if they don’t know about it.

[keiran 2010-08-02]

Ok, now this makes sense to me. I guess, the things that I wrote about, are a different issue. Carry on then. ;)

[tvst 2010-08-05]

By the way, this is already implemented since Cardapio 0.9.135 , but it's missing a GUI for configuration. Right now, keywords work "as is", but the user can tweak their behavior using two new options in the config file:

    "plugin settings": {
        "google": {
            "keyword": "google",
            "show only with keyword": false
        "tracker": {
            "keyword": "tracker",
            "show only with keyword": false
        "zg_recent_documents": {
            "keyword": "zgeist",
            "show only with keyword": false

I think it's pretty self explanatory:

1) "keyword"
The keyword for the plugin. Defaults to the keyword specified by the plugin author.

2) "show only with keyword"
Whether the plugin appears for both regular & keyword searches (false) or if it only appears for keyword searches (true). Defaults to false.


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