Possibility to add programs to the panel via right click or drag-and-drop.

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It should be possible to add programs to the panel via right click (or drag and drop) as in other menus.

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[tvst 2010-06-10]

Thanks for your blueprint. Drag-and-drop is one of the milestones that I have set for Version 1.0. I've been slowing eating away through those milestones and so I'm guessing I will soon be getting to Drag-and-drop. When I do so, I will consider adding a Context Menu option too.

[tvst 2010-06-14]

Ok, it should be possible to reorder pinned items through drag-and-drop too. Right now you need to unpin/re-pin everything in the order you want, which is just not good.

edit: the following is no longer true:
And another thing: drag-and-drop is officially the last feature that will be added before the 1.0 feature-freeze. Of course, the bug fixes will continue, and existing features that need some love (such as the places menu) will also be worked on.

[co0lingFir3 2010-06-14]

Great to hear! Looking forward to the 1.0 release. Maybe you could also add another item to the right-click-menu: "add this launcher to panel" like in normal Ubuntu menu.

[tvst 2010-06-25]

FYI: Drag-and-drop (from Cardapio to other apps) will probably make it into version 0.9.115 of Cardapio, to be released tomorrow.

For the context menu, though, I have to do some research on how other programs accomplish that. If anyone would like to help, linking here the right part of the source code for those programs would be great :)

[co0lingFir3 2010-06-14]

I just upgraded to 0.9.116 and "dummy" drag and drop support seems to have been added. However it does not perform any real action (yet?): Neither changing the order in the "Pinned Apps" nor being able to add a shorcut to a panel works.

[tvst 2010-06-29]

Drag-and-drop right now is limited to dragging items to destinations outside Cardapio. For example: dragging to the desktop to make a link, or to Docky to make a new launcher.

Drag-and-drop within Cardapio is still not implemented, though, so I'm changing the status of this blueprint to "Good progress"

[co0lingFir3 2010-06-14]

Dragging items to the panel to create a launcher (which is also outside Cardapio) doesn't work for me.

[tvst 2010-07-03]

What version of Cardapio? It works fine for me. By which I mean that I get the exact same behavior as with the regular Gnome menu applet.

[co0lingFir3 2010-07-04]

Latest version (0.9.120). I tried it with some Places elements (e.g. home folder) which does not work. Regular programs do work. Maybe you could add that functionality later on to complete drag&drop support (although this doesnt even work in Gnome menu).

[tvst 2010-07-04]

"although this doesnt even work in Gnome menu"
Right :) , that was my point. Cardapio's support for drag-and-drop right now works exactly like the regular Gnome menu applet.

Of course, I would *love* to make it even better. But that is just not possible.

You see, Gtk drag-and-drop requires you to choose a "mode" among: COPY, MOVE, LINK, ASK or OTHER. The problem is that it's up to the applications receiving the drop to decide what each mode means. And Nautilus and the panel have different ideas about this. The panel application seems to want everything to be drag-and-dropped with the COPY mode, while in Nautilus COPY means "copy", MOVE means "move", LINK means "link", etc.


So, the situation right now is:

1) Dragging an application from Cardapio
- If I use COPY mode for this type of drag-and-drop everything works as expected with both Nautilus and the panel. Nice. This is what I do.

2) Dragging a file or folder from Cardapio

  a) If I use LINK mode (which is what really makes sense here)
    i) Dragging a file or folder into Nautilus creates a link to that file/folder. Nice.
    ii) Dragging to the panel does nothing!! NOT GOOD.

  b) If I use COPY mode
    i) Dragging a file/folder to the panel will create a launchers the files/folder. Nice.
    ii) Dragging a file or folder to Nautilus will actually create a copy of it!! NOT GOOD.


So I had to pick between error (2-a-ii) and (2-b-ii). Since I think (2-b-ii) is an exceptionally bad one, I opted for using LINK mode for files and folders and just having to cope with (2-a-ii).

[jancborchardt 2010-08-29]
Adding a note from my otherwise redundant bug report:
The bookmarks in ›Places‹ should also be reorderable via drag & drop, like in the Nautilus sidebar (making the changes directly in ~/.gtk-bookmarks).


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