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The IEP Feature of CanDo allows instructors to indicate the a particular student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). When this plan is present, administrators will be able to changed CORE competencies in the sections in which the students is enrolled from REQUIRED to OPTIONAL . This change will then affect the calculations based on the number of CORE-REQUIRED competencies in the following reports:
--VA Section
--Required Competency Completion by Instructor AND Program Area
--VA State Export

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David Welsh
David Welsh
Douglas Cerna
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Proposed for 2009
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milestone icon 2010.03
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David Welsh
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Douglas Cerna

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Following are the components of this IEP Blueprint:

1) Create IEP button at the top of SchoolTool’s screen for a single person.

2) When that button is clicked for the first time, the user will see a message box that says: “(Firstname Lastname) does not have an Individualized Education Plan, would you like to create one?”

The user will have an option of two different buttons, a green YES and a red NO.
--If NO is clicked, then the user will return to the Person screen.
--If YES is clicked, then the flag will be activated, and the user will see this text plus a description box with an associated SAVE button: “(Firstname Lastname) will be shown as having an Individualized Education Plan. Please enter any additional information here (optional):”

3) If the student already has an IEP, then clicking the IEP button will take the user to a view that says: “(Firstname Lastname) has been marked as having an IEP. You may modify the competencies in the following sections in which this student is currently enrolled:”

Show a list of the student’s section, with active links on the section title, which when clicked will take the user to a list of all CORE competencies for the section. Those that are REQUIRED will have an option that allows them to be changed to OPTIONAL as per the IEP. This will turn them into a new color, such as purple (the competency ID will show in purple). There will be a button at the bottom that allows the user to SAVE the changes, and another that allows the user to CANCEL.

4) In the teacher gradebook, when a student has an IEP, their name will show in purple, instead of dark blue. Instructors will therefore know to go into the student gradebook to see the revised set of required core competencies.

5) When the teacher clicks on a purple student name to enter the student gradebook, those CORE competencies modified to OPTIONAL as per the IEP will show in purple. In addition, in the legend at the top of the screen will be written:
Competency colors: green = required (essential); black = optional; blue = additional; purple = optional (IEP)

6) The purple optional will not count as required in any of the calculations for required.


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