New instance reservation feature

Registered by Hiroaki Kobayashi

The instance reservation feature is not available in this release because it depends on
Nova API extensions - v2 of which was deprecated in Liberty and the API extension itself
is completely removed in Ocata[2]. We have to implement in another way to get instance
reservation feature back.

Blueprint information

Blazar core developers
Hiroaki Kobayashi
Masahito Muroi
Series goal:
Accepted for 0.x.0
Milestone target:
milestone icon 0.3.0
Started by
Hiroaki Kobayashi
Completed by
Masahito Muroi

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Previous discussion was on the etherpad page:

Gerrit topic:,topic:bp/new-instance-reservation,n,z

Addressed by:
    Instance reservation specs

Addressed by:
    Nova section in blazar.conf

Addressed by:
    Move ReservationPool class into utils/openstack/

Addressed by:
    Move NovaInventory class to utils/openstack/

Addressed by:
    Remove old instance reservation plugin

Addressed by:
    Create instance_reservations table

Addressed by:
    Remove old instance reservation code

Addressed by:
    Add db api methods for the instance reservation table

Addressed by:
    Move convert_requirements method to utils namespace

Addressed by:
    Instance reservation plugin

Gerrit topic:,topic:new-instance-plugin,n,z

Addressed by:
    Check max usages of hosts in particular time window

Addressed by:
    Create Nova's resources for instance reservations

Addressed by:
    Enable instance_plugin to handle on_start and on_end events

Addressed by:
    Pass only the instance reservation specific columns to reservation table

Addressed by:
    Enable deployers to specify virtual.intance.plugin in blazar.conf

Addressed by:
    Enable devstack to setup the new instance reservation

Addressed by:
    Add a releasenote of the new instance reservation

Addressed by:
    Add user guide for the new instance reservation feature

How about completing (changing status as implemented) this blueprint and extract remaining 2 work items 'update_reservation(), client support) as a new blueprint or bug entry?

The two items related to the BP move to bug reports.


Work Items

Work items:
* move plugins/oshosts/ and plugins/oshosts/ into utils/openstack/ DONE
* delete (or clear) the previous plugins/instances/vm_plugin.VMPlugin class: DONE
* delete the previous instance plugin related code in blazar-nova: DONE
* implement the new plugins/instances/ DONE
* create_reservation(), on_start() and on_end() are first priority for implementations: DONE
* create the instance_reservations table: DONE
* supports the new instance reservation in blazarclient: DONE

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