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Properties file module for
V0.01 We need to read (& write) properties in files. Used it instead of a Database cause we were too lazy to make it with a database. This is a kind of database but we have to stop this way of doing. V0.02 Configuration things Other things have been implemented in properties files, as the ENV var $ENV{HOME} and th...
Server Security for
Configure the Debian server following Vogelweith advices.
Tools list for newbies for
Simonf must make a schema of the potential Bibliothek Architecture for non-technicians. Davalinus & Sandooth will read the schema and tell if it's clear for non-tech-people. When done, it will be possible to present the projet's technical details in conférences, etc.
laar-XHTML-validity for
TRansfert into bugs !!! Should pass the VALIDATOR !!!
books-covers for
Should be able to load covers book with Open Library API SHould be able to dislpay it in microlibraries
This is a new reshapped, pretty and smart Loony And A Rope
A Perl program able to retrieve a RDF file @ Open Library (using Curl and OL's API) and parse it to prepare display of data into HTML, dynamically. * receive the request ** can manage an list of books RDF flux ** can manage a book RDF flux * parse it to prepare data for display, cosidering it's a book or a list
2011 Summer --------------------- Rendering data that have been prepared by the DAAS XML parser. For each list we need to get_books_list(). For each book, we need to get_book_description(). HTML pages will be generated dynamicaly with ids for lists & books. We need navigation stuffs too :     * Navigate into the ...
Sandoth moore said : "easy to give you this one I admit, but I just wanted to be part of the project..." Simon Foutaiz said : "You can translate the Wikis now, Simonf has done his work with I18N modules for Wikimedia !"
We don't want anymore to use a very complicated URI in a public_html directory for the project. We should be able to deploy the project into the root directory of our server. It means that we have to use a dynamical home page, so we have to pool the template of the page and other microlibraries pages.
Need integration of index.html into main system. When microlibrary kernel is called, by default, it generate HTML for the default home page. Only the microlibrary-menu is dynamical => see into properties file and take each key to generate a menu entry. If parameters can be found into the querry ( e.g. : http://self...
Implementation of Template Toolkit
Prepare a liste a all used soft modules
Data for
We don't use our own database at this time. We will directly import the Open Library data using their RESTful API (Curl & XML) 2011-09-16 ----------------- Data are stored into RDF files. Need to transfer it into a real database when we will Catalyse the app.
Noyau DAAS for
Micro-kernel that drives the platform 2011-09-16 ----------------- This is now the microlibrary kernel. Needs to be implemented into Catalyst and made multi-libraries-able
This blue print is to test what we can do with what we have. For now we can use Openlibrary / maybe worldcat / for sure low-tech trick like "command+f" a bit of rendered html and more. The goal is to discuss and test what we can do with more or less nothing... from no computer to things found on the web.
V0.1 Self Shelf Swap send REST requests to Open Library, using it's API. This request will be passed from properties files, each time pages will be called. Identification by "list ID". Only one user can be used. SHOULD BE ASYNCHRONOUS !!! Perfs are very low if not. If we don't make an asynchronous system, maybe it c...
HTML5 for
The app must be HTML5 able. This is a fantastic standardized semantic technology that we will love to use.
Wiki Translation for
The wiki should be Englished first and Frenshized in a second time. Problem is that it is actually totaly Frenchable. And it is better that some pages stay in French... S&S will translate it.
Koha Architecture for
MAY 2011 Don't go to far with Koha, I don't really know if we are going to use it at this time. MARCH 2011 You can read this documentation, their is a lot of UML-like schemas. We have to extend & implement this in our own way...
DAAS Cache system for
We will cache. File DataBase. Don't want to be blacklisted by Open Library. We don't write a lot in our database at this time. We just have to refresh the cache each day (each week) or on demand with a private button. v0.01 Cache books list URLs RDF flux Cache books RDF flux Got a on-demand flag in the script calle...
No computer for
No way to believe in the apocalypse, just some time it can help to see things organized without computer. Here will be the proposal and test for an organization just on paper. ---------------------- 2011-09-22 Export in PDF plugin
Open Library
Sandooth should meet them ! We surely can collaborate. A soon we will have "something real" (a web app...) we can contact them. See examples in, section "Open Library in the wild".
This Perl script creates a "home directory" for the user and a "public_html" repository, containing .txt files with users's Bibliotheks, . Other fonctionnality will be added soon. This is in fact a sort of very ugly "Dime and a shoestring" way to do it. Obsolete. Please see dependencies.
* Install modules * SVN version security * Prod debian tests * Minimal security (e.g. : "Doh ! An infinite loops sendings to Open Library, oup !") 2011-09-16 --------------- Ok, but we switch from SVN to Bazaar.
LAAR view cache for
Cache the view, don't generate each time page is called. We don't need to dynamicaly generate view each time the microlibrary page is called. Should write html into a file, that will be called until we update the database... A minimalistic cache is ready, but will not be used cause it will be obsolet with V.0.3 on...
Links tab on portal for
Need a links tab on the portal for the partnership: * Open Library * CPAN (and specific modules) * STAG * Centre A * etc. Etc. The aim of this is to reference and to magnify the portal role.
Cancelled for V0.02. (Will) Use log 4 perl in place of this dirty log::mode system for V0.03

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