Blueprints for Betcon

Launchpad lets projects track the features they intend to implement over the next few releases. We call each feature proposal a "blueprint", and it can be a single paragraph placeholder for the idea, or a full-blown development specification. Once a blueprint is in Launchpad, we can generate reports of the project roadmap, as well as notifying interested developers of blueprint status changes. It's a great way to build a small community around an idea, feature or proposal.

Examples of projects that use this system include Ubuntu, Zope and Bazaar.

Register the first blueprint in this project! If you have a proposal for a feature that you want to implement, or you want to gather together people to discuss a proposal, then register it here as a blueprint.

Once you have a few blueprints in the system you can plan releases, and keep track of who is responsible for what. You can approve blueprints as goals for a particular release, and then generate a simple report of progress towards feature completion for that release.

Anybody can register a blueprint, but only the drivers can make the decision as to whether that proposal is accepted for a meeting or a release.

In this case, the drivers are:

If you are interested in understanding the Blueprints tracker in more detail then you should take a look at the system documentation, where you can learn the best practices for effective community building and release management with Launchpad.