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there would be a own section like music and video for audiobooks so they are not listed in the album/music list. the audiobooks could be detected by id3-tags like audiobook, talk, speech etc…

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Sounds like a feature for a book reader app: ~shnatsel

Bookworm isn't for audio --Scott

Beatbox is not for books either. Perhaps BeatBox and Bookworm should work together, like Postler and Dexter? ~shnatsel

That might be true, but in the end one app has to be responsible for it, and seeing how audiobooks are more similar to songs than books (read's metadata tags, plays the audio) and integration into beatbox will be very simple, it seems it would make the most sense to add it to beatbox. - Scott

Although on the technical side audiobooks are very similar to songs and the technical requirements are very similar, audiobooks are NOT similar to songs as far as the user and its purpose goes. Therefore, I think it'd be best to leave this out of BeatBox and keep it specific to Music, Podcasts, and Radio. -Scott

iTunes/Banshee seem to think they're the more or less the same, there's a huge amount of them available, why shouldn't they be considered as important as music? I've got a huge amount of audiobooks. Its incredibly infuriating the no popular music players can remember where they stopped playing and resume from there again. Isent that all the support audiobooks need? "audiobooks are NOT similar to songs as far as the user and its purpose goes" : Users have audiobooks and like to listen to them. Whats the issue? - Ezra

I like the idea of a separate app for audiobooks. I think the UI needed to effectively manage audioboooks and their playback is going to be very different from anything BeatBox currently offers. Using Bookworm to manage an audiobook library and BeatBox for layback sounds like a good combination, however, BeatBox's command line interface would need some improvement if Contractor is going to be used. Most likely we will not have enough time to implement this though until Luna+ --Matthew


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