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The bzr online manual and help output should be made available for users to read online, this is a great way to make google queries for how to do things return useful results.
The Bazaar for Bazaar
This is an informational spec for the Bazaar launchpad pipeline
Bzr 0.10 will be a time based release. The planned release date is Monday September 4th. 0.10rc1 is planned for August 28th. 0.10 will freeze except for non-risky bugfixes from August 21st.
Nothing's perfect, so what irritates us (or others) about bzr? What are the brick walls that keep people from using it?
Bzr Rocks for Bazaar
What's our advocacy message; why would people want to use bzr? What about a catchphrase? (This is not a technical specification so much as a discussion of issues.)
This is an overview of the things we think we need to do to get the supermirror to be a very fast network service.

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