Implement the ability to remove applets from the bar itself

Registered by collinp on 2009-05-16

It would be nice to be able to remove different applets from the dock without having to open AWN Manager.

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* I was thinking a right-click option to remove them. Simple to implement and not in the way.

The problem with this is that it's too easy to "slip" and accidentally remove an applet. The obvious remedy to this, the "are you sure?" message dialog, is also generally a bad idea because it turns into one of those "muscle memory"-type actions, which is also a sign of bad usability. (malept, 20090516)

 Hmm, perhaps like a special mode for the entire bar, where X-boxes come up beside all of the applets and when you click the X-box, you get prompted to delete the applet. Then, when the person is finished, there is a button at one of the ends of the bar that you can click to return back to the bar's normal mode. Opinions?

That sounds like a better idea, much like how one deletes apps off of an iPhone/iPod Touch. Offhand, I'm not opposed to this idea, but I have no idea how difficult it would be to implement, given the plug/socket architecture that we have. I'd like to throw this to some of the other core developers for their opinion. (malept, 20090601)

I'm not convinced this is necessary/desirable. This would be a PITA to implement... but it could be done. To enter the mode a signal (dbus/whatever) to all instances of running applets. We'd want the code to handle the X-boxes in libawn and for it to be transparent to the applet. The obvious choice of Effects isn't good as it would exclude AwnApplet. Same reasons + more goes for any of the Awn*Icon*. So I'm guessing it would need to go into AwnApplet itself. If we did this it would be _absolutely_ required that all processes modifying the applet_list start using our locking mechanism. Beyond that it's not difficult for an applet process to remove itself from the applet_list. (moonbeam 20090606)


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